Magazine Covers

So this past January marks my 10th year of my career as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist! Where did time go?! I remember being stuck in a cubical and being miserable (don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing 9-to-5 jobs out there, but it just wasn’t for me), and saying to myself “this job is giving me stability but I’m so miserable I would rather take a risk and do what makes me happy, even if it might mean unstable.” Leaving the job and taking the risk to pursue my passion was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Of course it wasn’t always a smooth ride but looking back, I’m truly grateful for all these wonderful people I met and worked with along the way and I feel really, really blessed by what God has done. Some amazing opportunities literately fell on my laps and God made it pretty obvious that it was Him that made it happen. WON’T HE DOOOO IT!!

Anyway, on this anniversary I figured I will share a post of all the magazine covers I was blessed to work on. The cover of Justine Magazine with Amandla Stenberg was shot almost 10 years ago, just after the movie the Hunger Games (in which she played Rue) came out and she was only like 12 years old!! She and her parents were so sweet and I always have this image of her as a sweet kid but now I see her all grown up doing big things all over the place! 

For the cover of magazine, the photographer wanted the model to look kinda dirty with a style, so I used cream-based color from Makeup-Up Forever palette to create that “dirty” look and it was so much fun! Even got to style his beard all funky.

I hope you enjoy and STAY BLESSED!:) If you’re miserable with your job, I pray for boldness, courage and God’s favor over you to go and take the risk and pursue your dream!


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