Photoshoot in Japan!

Just about a month a half ago, I was in Tokyo and had a chance to work with Jus Vun, a Tokyo-based photographer from Australia, and he and the model were really lovely to work with! Really like the theme for the shoot too:) Can’t wait to go back and shoot some more! 

Btw, the food in Japan was out of this world! I really can’t believe I took all that for granted growing up! Just eat their domestic beef and you will just know the difference right away! AND cheese soufflé cake sold at 7 ELEVEN there (yes, 7 ELEVEN!!) was one of the best things I’ve had in a while!! 

I can’t forget to mention that they seriously have a wide variety of FABULOUS skin care products and cosmetic products!! Some of them are super adorably packaged, but more than anything your skin would thank you for the quality of their skin care products!! Their face masks, hydrating skin toner etc. - just awesome and incomparable. I saw sooo many foreigners going IN buying a bunch of these skin care products (and also Japanese medicines! Cus they are the best!:)), and that says a lot. 

I cannot wait to let my clients try these fabulous goodies!!!

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